Régate Kia Valleyfield

Régate Kia Valleyfield

At Régate Kia Valleyfield you will experience an outstanding car buying experience. We make every effort to exceed your expectations. The Régate Kia Valleyfield team listens to you to offer a personalized and unique customer service. All our vehicles are in excellent mechanical and aesthetic condition and offer attractive warranties. Régate Kia Valleyfield offers the complete collection of new Kia vehicles and a wide selection of used vehicles at the best prices. Whatever your budget, Régate Kia Valleyfield will help you find a vehicle that suits you.

  • Address:550 Monseigneur‑Langlois Blvd., Salaberry‑de‑Valleyfield QC  J6S 0A5
  • Telephone:450 377‑8396
  • You can also email us.

  • www.kiavalleyfield.com